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Fight! A Spoken Word Piece by @Young_Deuces #BlackLivesMatter #Justice4Jay

Fight! A Spoken Word Piece by @Young_Deuces #BlackLivesMatter #Justice4Jay


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This Poem stems from the constant injustices against black lives in the US. In Milwaukee, WI a black male by the name of Jay Anderson, was also shot & killed by the police while sleeping in his own car at night. This just as many others, was unlawful, unnecessary & down right wrong. The officer involved was not convicted, the video/audio was not released for the public, and the official statement is “The officer feared for his life.” In light of that and everything else that is going on Milwaukee emcee, Young Deuces , took to his pen to express his frustration,thoughts & concerns in a video entitled “FIGHT!” #Justice4Jay

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/StreetzNYoungDeuces/videos/10154592662484525/

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